Appeals and Public Inquiries

AAH appeal against refusal of planning permission and onerous conditions of consent. We boast a strong track-record of success via written representation, planning hearing and public inquiry for uses including residential, commercial, industrial and renewable energy.

The need to appeal may arise unexpectedly, but will often form part of a longer-term planning strategy, especially where a project is at odds with outdated Local Policy. Our chartered Planning Consultants provide representation at any stage of the planning appeal process with services that include the production of written grounds of appeal statements, proof of evidence and expert planning witness.

We offer an initial appraisal of planning application documents and a telephone meeting without obligation to give prospective clients our impartial, expert view on the chance of appeal success before they commit.

If you would like to find out more about our appeal service then please contact us and a member of our planning team will be in touch.

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