Land Promotion

AAH work across the UK as consultants and often joint venture partners to promote land for development. We have a proven track-record of negotiating and designing development on greenfield and brownfield land both within and outside of development limits, promoting sites through the Local Plan and via planning application.

Local Plan Promotion

Each Local Planning Authority (LPA) is required to have a Local Plan that demonstrates how they will meet targets for new development within their district over a specific period of time. Preparation of Local Plans can be a drawn out process but when these are due for review or replacement they present excellent opportunities to promote sites for development. AAH proactively monitor the activity and progression of Local Plans throughout the UK and are ideally placed to provide swift and professional representation when an LPA issues a call for sites.

Submitting a planning application

Where policies within a Local Plan align with prospective development, when a Local Plan is out of date, or if a Local Authority cannot deliver on their development targets, AAH will often advise clients to submit a planning application rather than promote of a site through the Local Plan.

Because Local Plans have an explicit lifespan and their polices require a specific amount of development within an identified timescale; when plan policies expire or Local Authorities fail to achieve targets, there are often grounds to justify speculative development. Whilst there is a broad spectrum of opportunities for promotion of land via planning application, AAH most frequently act for developers where an LPA is unable to meet their five year housing supply, the provision of which is an explicit requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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