Drainage and SuDS

AAH provide drainage strategy and design consultancy to support feasibility studies, outline and full planning applications, subsequent approval of detail, tender and construction drawings. Our teams of engineers and landscape architects are well versed in the collaborative design of high quality Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) which can add value to a project and enhance its environmental credentials.

Drainage Strategies are produced on a stand-alone basis, as a component of Flood Risk Assessment, or part of a wider portfolio of technical documents and typically inform site feasibility studies or accompany planning  applications. The purposes of a drainage strategy is to demonstrate at the highest appropriate level that a site may be viably drained of surface water, sewerage and/or trade effluent.

A robust surface water drainage strategy is fundamental at the earliest stages of development, it will pay regard to any requirement for SuDS as a means to ensure that proposals do not exacerbate the flood risk within a site, or elsewhere within the same catchment.

Strategies for foul sewerage and trade effluent drainage are required to demonstrate the availability of an appropriate public sewer network with sufficient capacity and a viable point of connection. Where no suitable sewers are available to a development, a drainage strategy must assess the viability of constructing new sewers or private treatment systems.

A detailed drainage design will build upon the drainage principles established at the planning stage, but also requires more in depth consultation with interested parties such as Drainage Undertakers, Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA), Internal Drainage Boards (IDB) and the Environment Agency (EA). Once design parameters are agreed, our engineers discuss solutions with our clients and their development teams, then design and analyse optimal, compliant, cost-effective storm and foul water drainage networks using specialist hydraulic modelling software, and produce subsequent design, tender, and construction drawings.

The design of drainage infrastructure is a precursor to obtaining the necessary Sewer Connection, Adoption, Build Over and Diversion Consents, Environmental Permits, Land Drainage Consents and installation sign off.

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