Flood Risk Assessment

AAH undertake Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) for development proposed on floodplains, inĀ  critical drainage areas or that extends over one hectare. FRA is often combined with our Drainage and SuDS and Sequential Test services to inform site feasibility studies, outline and full planning applications, subsequent approval of detail, tender and construction drawings. In addition to assessing the risk of flooding to a development, FRA commonly provides recommendations for flood resistant and resilient building design, compensatory flood water storage design, floodplain analysis using industry leading modelling software and a Flood Evacuation plan.

Our team work cooperatively with the Environment Agency (EA), Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFA), Internal Drainage Boards (IDB) and Drainage Undertakers to unlock sites where flood risk issues may otherwise preclude development. Our track record also includes successfully challenging these bodies where suitable agreements cannot be reached. Our portfolio includes large to small scale residential, renewable energy, agriculture, infrastructure, commercial and industrial developments.

FRA is offered as a standalone service or part of a multi-discipline package to the public and private sectors. If you would like to find out more about Flood Risk Assessment then please contact us.

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